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People are the foundation of a strong company and the tradition carried on at The Pecan Barn, embraces this philosophy. From planting to processing, each family member takes pride in the product delivered to our customer.


Because we shell our own pecans in addition to growing them, we can ensure a level of control unmatched by any other pecan processor. Continuous checks on quality, throughout each step of the process, mean you can buy with confidence. We only process pecans in our plant, ensuring that there is no cross contamination with other food items. We control the entire process from planting to harvest, shelling to processing, enabling us to test and implement the latest equipment and processes.


We constantly seek new ways to increase efficiency and continually improve the freshness of the product we deliver, while reducing wasted resources. Yet, we maintain a time honored tradition of producing a quality product using our decades of experience.


Using our EXPERIENCE from our long line of TRADITION while always INNOVATING, we ensure that we meet or exceed the highest domestic and international standards before we package and ship to our customers.


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R. Patrick
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Amazing Pecans!


There is nothing better than a fresh pecan. The Powell family knows pecans and they are better than any you can buy in the store. If you need pecans for your recipe, or just want some to have for your family, you need to buy them from The Pecan Barn.


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Georgia Grown is a brand with deep roots in sustainability, quality and integrity.  The Georgia Grown brand is desired by business and consumers who want to buy and promote Georgia’s locally grown products.

Pecans are now designated as heart-healthy when enjoyed as part of a healthy eating pattern by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Certification Program.


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